About Our Center

The mission of the St. Francis Center is threefold; to provide rescue services to native orphaned and/or injured wildlife, to provide the necessary medical and supportive care for those animals and return them to the wild, and to educate the general public about wildlife and their habitats so they can form a peaceful coexistence with their wild neighbors. We take in hundreds of animals of all species... Read more...

Help! I found an animal

If you find an animal that you think needs help you should call your local rehabilitation center. If the animal is obviously injured, you may be asked to attempt to capture it and transport it to your local center or at least house it in a safe location until it can be picked up. Injured animals have a way of evading humans and in the time it takes for a team to respond to your call, that animal may crawl or drag itself away and hide. Read more...

Baby Ducks and other wildlife need your help!!

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