Our Education Programs

The St. Francis Center still offers education programs for donation. We don't have any set amount for our programs but we really appreciate at least being able to cover our gas money to get there. we also welcome any "in kind" donations such as towels, fleece blankets, old linens, and clothing such as Tee shirts, sweat shirts, and flannel. You can call the center to schedule a program at 419-688-9140. We also schedule small group tours of the center by appointment. It is against our permit regulations to have any rehabilitation animals on display to the public but we do have a fleet of education animals that are permenant residents of our center and act as ambassadors for their species, and assist us in teaching people about their natural histories and habitat needs. some of our animals came in as confiscated or unwanted "pets" and some of them came in as rescues and were not able to be returned to the wild because of irrepairable injury. Our first mission is to rehabilitate and release and education programs are seldom scheduled during the spring and early summer months because we are busy with orphans. Give us a call and we will do our best to share our center with you or bring a program to your class, troop, camp, etc.

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